Solicet, established by Tony Haswani in 1995, is proud to have served a large and permanently growing portfolio of worldwide clients and extended its operation to cover the entire Middle East & GCC, and Europe with our local and international team who guarantee quality and success, since 1995.

Solicet team is always committed to provide quality events and entertainment. With a rapidly changing environment of the event industry, Solicet is always a step ahead by offering a variety of services line, creating a diversification that made Solicet a signature of excellence by the ink of its quality service. With a young, creative and highly dynamic team, Solicet is always bounded to fulfill its promise of permanent development and growth, toward its clients and shareholders.


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Solicet’s Marketing department focuses on gaining awareness of your brand, whether that includes a product or a live entertainment event. Our team works together through the development and creation of a concept by using above the line tools (radio, TV, newspapers, outdoors), through the line tools (social media), and below the line tools (email marketing, SMS). Our strong relationships with media outlets allow us to reach our designated target audience.

Design: Solicet’s very own graphic designer is on hand to tailor any and all visuals; whether it is from creative development or adaptation of a design to branding.  

Product Activations: Product activations have become a specialty of ours. Our team handles the development of the activation, space rental and marketing tactics. Our activations are known to be engaging, allowing consumers the opportunity to learn about the product.

As an event management company Solicet is fully capable to plan and execute any event. Our team takes full responsibility when it comes to the technical and creative logistics of event, whether it is: event design, brand building, marketing and communication strategies, budgeting, client services, etc. Additionally our experience in the industry has allowed us to build strong relationships with suppliers in the region, giving us the advantage to reserve venue sites, obtain special permits, work with catering companies and much more!


Solicet’s PR department is dedicated to gaining the exposure your event deserves! This is all done through the practice of managing the spread of event details to the targeted audience; along with working with local publications and providing them with any requested content. In addition, our PR department will help develop and manage a press conference, interact with media outlets while also providing them with tailor made press releases or press kits.

In partnership with H&T (Hospitality and Tourism), a local hostess and promotion agency, Solicet would be happy to cater you with some of the most talented and professional hosts and hostess. Our hostesses have been professional trained and have covered event brands and weddings in Lebanon and the Middle East region.

Solicet’s partnership with EMM William Productions - a Canadian based entertainment agency, specializing in talent buying, booking, artist management, event & tour management, show production and technical production for clients around the world - and strong relationships with local and international promoters, have given us the opportunity to bring some of the most “in-demand” shows to the region.


Solicet’s, production and creative division of the company, will be present to handle any and all tasks throughout the entirety of the event. Solicet Events’ team includes the production manager and assistant, site manager, stage manager, and artist liaison.

 Special Structure department

Solicet subdivision specialized in events immersive experiences and structures production. Our creative designers joined with structural engineers, are now building exceptional certified gigantic structures.

  • Concept creation
  • Structure design and manufacturing/fabrication
  • 3D drawing and simulation
  • Mechanical / Civil / Electrical engineering study
  • Automation and control
  • Engineering certification process
  • Safety certification submission


Technical Production


  • Produce a production schedule while overseeing the production process
  • Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed
  • Estimating costs and setting the quality standards
  • Ensuring that the production is cost effective
  • Make sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality
  • Work out the human and material resources needed
  • Draft a time schedule
  • Responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment
  • Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programs
  • Coordinating among different departments, e.g. suppliers, managers
  • Working with managers to implement the company's policies and goals
  • Ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed
  • Supervise and motivate team of workers
  • Review worker performance
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Generate a seating plan



Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Beirut - Lebanon

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